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Donna's Designer Cakes also has Catering!
Hi! This is Donna Chambley! Forget your worries about catering to your guest here in Douglasville, Ga. or Metro-Atlanta! My family and I have a truly delicious 28 items buffet total cost of $19.95 (includes tax) per-person catering service provided for any event anytime of the year! This price is based on 20-50 persons/guest, non-electric indoors or outdoors using heated canister chafin dishes for hot items and ice for cold items! Served in a very professional manner that all of your guest will respect during any event! We also stay until the very end of your event and provide a complete clean-up regarding the guest tables, trash around the floors, dishes that need to be washed and even provide a "take-home" food plate for each guest!

Unfortunately? I have noticed over the years during these loving family events, that highly expensive advertised caterers will charge customers for each and every single item ordered. Thus, in return costing as much as $40.00 or more per guest! Most of them will also deliver your food and cake and ironically seemingly to "disappear" immediately after everyone has eaten without any care regarding your guest, and even have the nerve to leave your family and friends to clean up, with NO left-over foods anywhere! "We always stick around to the very end of your event!"

Our cost is a total fee of $19.95 (includes tax) per-person, with NO hidden fees at anytime. Our extensive complete tasty buffet package catering begins with: (3) three meats of your choice which are: Wings (mild, hot or plain or all three provided in three heated non-electric chafin dishes based on the number of guest). Other meats of your heated (3) choices are: Meatballs, Pigs-N-Blanket, Cocktail wieners, Chicken and Rice Casorole, Bar-B-Que "chunky style pork" and or small Southern fried chicken wings. (Small cut heated (3) three inch meat "Subway" sandwiches are also available at an additional fee of $1.00 per guest). Peach Cobbler is always included on any menu. This price also includes a 20% discount on any designer cake ordered with any catering service!

This extensive elaborate 28 item buffet $19.95 per-person menu also includes: ALL trays such as: Fruit, Veggie, Bread, Chips and Dips, Cracker and Cheese and Mixed Nuts. This buffet menu also includes your choice of (8) eight vegetables which are: Potato salad, Macaroni salad, Pasta salad, Deviled Eggs, Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, Boiled Cabbage, Macaroni and cheese, Green Beans, Kernel Corn, Cooked Carrots and many more items to choose from various times of the year!...........

This incredible $19.95 per-person complete full meal buffet menu also includes (8) eight different drinks which are: Regular coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sweet Tea, Un-Sweetened Tea, Bottled Water, Fruit Punch and Kids Kool Aide. These particular (8) eight different drink items can always be substituted at anytime. Please let us know the day before your event.

This $19.95 per-person buffet menu IRONICALLY also includes disposable utensil items such as: Plastic Table Cloths, Plastic Table Skirts, Paper, Plastic or Styrofoam Plates, Plastic or Paper Cups, Paper Napkins, Plastic Forks, Plastic Knifes, etc.............These items can always be substituted for other items...................All utensils are disposable and can not be re-used. Please ask your guest to ask for more during their return buffet experience.

This truly delicious full meal 28 item buffet $19.95 per-person menu also includes (3) three desserts of your choice such as: Pecan Pie, Apple Pie, Lemon Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Assorted Cookies, Chocolate Cake, Coconut Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Banana Pudding, Chocolate Pudding, Vanilla Pudding, Brownies, Brownies with Nuts, Jello in different varieties, Lemon Bars, and Chocolate Candies. etc.............and many more to choose from!

Please Note: We only have the equipment to handle 20-50 per person/guest maximum capacity for catering. This $19.95 per person/guest is based on the minimum of 20 persons/guest and a maximum capacity of 50 person/guest. All catering events must be paid 50% of the total price (2) two weeks before your event, and a completion balance total (4) four days before your event regarding any food that can be purchased.

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